Sunday, April 11, 2010


I will be attending the NAEA Baltimore Convention next week and doing my presentation on Thursday. I really enjoyed the NAEA Minneapolis convention last year and was very excited to go to SNAE workshops and awards ceremony (Special Needs Art Education). And thrilled they will provide ASL interpreters again, even though it is for a limited time.


Theme-Based Curriculum for teaching Art to Deaf students with Multiple Disabilities


Silvestri will share her experiences in teaching art in a Deaf school that services K-12 students. Participants will join group discussions, sharing their experiences teaching special needs.


The Art Teacher at this Deaf school program is not limited to one grade level or department but teaches pre-school to 12th grade. In addition to working with Deaf students, the art teacher also engages students with special needs, and behavioral/emotional challenged students. The program not only services ASL-Fluent Deaf students, but also students with Cochlear Implants, Autism, ADHD, and Multiple Disabilities. To juggle teaching the variety of needs at three campuses, and provide meaningful learning in the art classroom, the art program uses a theme-based curriculum for the entire year, which provides spiral learning, and access for all levels. In addition to the theme, students have the opportunity to have their work displayed in several exhibits out in the community, as well as the annual campus art show. Participants will also discuss the trend of multiple disabilities in all art classrooms, and the need for expanding SNAE.

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