Sunday, April 11, 2010


I apologize for the longggg delay in posting for my art blog. I got engaged in September 2009 and have been focusing my creative energies in wedding planning and writing in my bride blog. Check out the website to see the creative progress at

Wedding planning can be a headache for many, all of those details and decisions regarding flowers, food menu choices, transportation, centerpieces, gifts, invitations, etc, etc. But for me it is like a big art project, selecting colors, ambiance, deciding what goes with what and more. At first I did think I would do more DIY (do it yourself) wedding art, but just the sheer number of guests made it unreasonable, so now I am more of a creative director to my own wedding. However, a wedding is not alllll about me, so my creativity also includes the tastes of my fiance, our families, and the venues we will use. It is more of a collaborative project.

If I was not an art teacher, I would totally enjoy being a Wedding Designer. Wedding inspiration boards are just like an artist's sketchbook and thumbnail sketches. Throw together bits and pieces to help you steer in the right direction and get that larger picture you want to portray.

Here are some examples of inspiration boards I found online (in my wedding colors!)

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