Sunday, April 11, 2010

Current Theme Curriculum & and a new art room!


2009/2010: India to Africa

This year we are studying and discussing visual arts, dance, theater and culture from traditional and contemporary movements. Our focus is on the art/culture of the Middle East and Africa, and also includes Tibet and India. During our recent summer 2009 session, art students had a brief introduction to color theory and Tibetian Mandalas. Just before I closed the classroom for renovations, students were working on Safari Sunsets & African Animals.

This is a watercolor of a peacock in the style of

India's Miniature Painting by a high school student of mine.



Right now, the school is planning to renovate the BARN Building (where my art classroom was), and create a new school building which will house a new library and the early childhood program. I am currently in the process of moving to a modular/temporary classroom which I will share with the LIBRARY. The room is a little bit smaller but I believe I am being smarter about the use of space, less furniture, less clutter, more space, and best of all, the room has more windows and natural light! NO more basement. I will post more soon when the art room is complete.

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