Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Genghis Khan War Horse, Graphite Drawing by JRJ

K-4:  Students are working on Sumukwha Tiger Paintings (Korean Ink Painting) using bamboo brushes and India ink

5-8:  Students created drawings based on Mongolia's Genghis Khan and his War Horses

Art Foundations: Students are learning about watercolor techniques and will create a landscape painting

HS/Art of the Pacific:  Studied Japanese Manga, practiced drawing eyes and faces before starting their Manga Self Portrait

Ceramics:  Students are working on candle holders using coil building techniques

Printmaking:  Students created a series of radial design prints using Styrofoam plates

World History:  Students learned about the history of the French Monarchy, Marie Antoinette and her famed "Let them eat cake" quote.  Students drew designs of a decadent cake fit for a king using one of the three art styles; Baroque, Rococo, or Romantic

Mural Painting:  We have selected two different students designs and students are working on merging them into a collaborative design
Floral Print, Styrofoam, by MS


K-4: Russian Imperial Eggs by Carl Faberge' - Students created their own version using Papier-Mache'

5-8: Moscow's St. Basil's Cathedral - Students created their own interpretation of St. Basil's at Night using Oil Pastels

Art Foundations:  Students practiced drawing 3D shapes, Sketchbook assignments and a Still Life using pencil and incorporating perspective and shading

HS -Art of the Pacific: Students learned about Marc Chagall's Peace Window and created their own faux stained glass.

Ceramics: Students created their own version of the Russian Imperial Eggs using the pinch pot technique

Printmaking:  Students created a series of monoprints using various painterly, additive and subtractive techniques

World History:  Students discussed the history of Czars in Russia and the Romanov Family before creating their own Faberge' Eggs and participating in a faux estate auction.

Mural Painting:  Students discussed the school's mission of the 3 C's - Competence, Community and Character.  The students started creating sketches for the school mural incorporating the 3 C's and the school mascot, The Galloping Ghost

Pilot Course

New this year!!!

Art Foundations is a new course catered to only 8th grade students.  Students will get a short introduction to each visual arts course offered at TLC's High School.  In addition, the elements and principles of design will be introduced through exciting exploration of various media and techniques.  This will allow students to get both a strong foundation in art and make prepared choices for HS art electives.

HS Electives/Clubs (offered this year):  Special Topics: Art of the Pacific, Ceramics, Sculpture, Printmaking, Mixed Media, and Mural Painting.  

Some clubs/electives offered by CTE or other HS teachers:  Broadcasting, Graphic Design, Manga/Anime, and more.

Previous Electives: Pottery, Digital Photography, Special Topics


The TLC Art Program offers a theme based 4-Year rotating spiral curriculum, "A World of Art."  This year students will study the Art of the Pacific (Russia, Asia, Oceania, and Sea Life).
Pacific Ocean

Art 2012-2013

This is an exciting year for the art program as we look forward to the annual art show.  We also have an online art gallery at

New this year is the art classroom's twitter feed @MSimmonsTLC

The high school also offers a Mural Painting club and we are excited about adding new art work to the secondary building.

This is the second year we are participating in VSA Massachusetts' UDL Art Integration approach.  This year will be working with HS' World History class 1x a week.

De'VIA ASL Celebration, Digital Photography by RL

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Student Art Show - July 2012

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Study of Jasper Johns Flag, Mixed Media (Newspaper, Paste, Acrylic)

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