Wednesday, October 24, 2012


K-4: Russian Imperial Eggs by Carl Faberge' - Students created their own version using Papier-Mache'

5-8: Moscow's St. Basil's Cathedral - Students created their own interpretation of St. Basil's at Night using Oil Pastels

Art Foundations:  Students practiced drawing 3D shapes, Sketchbook assignments and a Still Life using pencil and incorporating perspective and shading

HS -Art of the Pacific: Students learned about Marc Chagall's Peace Window and created their own faux stained glass.

Ceramics: Students created their own version of the Russian Imperial Eggs using the pinch pot technique

Printmaking:  Students created a series of monoprints using various painterly, additive and subtractive techniques

World History:  Students discussed the history of Czars in Russia and the Romanov Family before creating their own Faberge' Eggs and participating in a faux estate auction.

Mural Painting:  Students discussed the school's mission of the 3 C's - Competence, Community and Character.  The students started creating sketches for the school mural incorporating the 3 C's and the school mascot, The Galloping Ghost

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