Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Genghis Khan War Horse, Graphite Drawing by JRJ

K-4:  Students are working on Sumukwha Tiger Paintings (Korean Ink Painting) using bamboo brushes and India ink

5-8:  Students created drawings based on Mongolia's Genghis Khan and his War Horses

Art Foundations: Students are learning about watercolor techniques and will create a landscape painting

HS/Art of the Pacific:  Studied Japanese Manga, practiced drawing eyes and faces before starting their Manga Self Portrait

Ceramics:  Students are working on candle holders using coil building techniques

Printmaking:  Students created a series of radial design prints using Styrofoam plates

World History:  Students learned about the history of the French Monarchy, Marie Antoinette and her famed "Let them eat cake" quote.  Students drew designs of a decadent cake fit for a king using one of the three art styles; Baroque, Rococo, or Romantic

Mural Painting:  We have selected two different students designs and students are working on merging them into a collaborative design
Floral Print, Styrofoam, by MS

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